Plastic !!! Everywhere in Cambodia in 24 provinces there so many plastic bags especially in Phnom Penh. There are 68.2% of plastic in Phnom Penh. If you go to the beach in Kep province you will know that there are so many plastic bags. How can we stop plastic bag or reduce it? And one thing that pop in my mind is I’m not gonna stop plastic bag because we also need it every time as like computer air conditioner it also made from plastic so than I think that we can reduce it. Another idea is to stop the plastic bag. So if we want to stop plastic bag is we need to Bring our own bag, get the plastic off your face or you can reuse the plastic bag again and again. Our own bag is better than plastic bags because of it not easy to recycle also it can kill the living thing. If you use the plastic bag you also waste money to buy a plastic bag and it destroys the world. If you go to the beach and you throw the plastic in the water the marine life in the water will die but If you use the bag it helps you a lot and it easy to make. No need to spend more money as like plastic bag. How to stop plastic bag?  My Idea is I want everyone to bring own bag to stopping. You can use the plastic bag but a little bit of it. Example If you use plastic bag 1 per day if it 30 day is equal to 30 plastic bags it A lot!!. Now the people that using own bag is just only 17.1% in the world. And I am so proud of the people that use the bag. For me, in one week I use plastic jus only 3 to 4 plastic bag is not a lot. Now in my exploration, our team try to stop plastic bag. How are we gonna stop using a plastic bag? We gonna make own bag and using it every day and we don’t want to waste more money. For my idea is I need to broadcast it from radio and tell them what difference between a bag and plastic bag. One more we can reduce it to make something that we can sell to get more money.

Khmer Literacy

Everyday we have one hour to learn in Khmer class. There are 18 students in my class. This year is a special year for Khmer class because this year the teacher tells us to write the poem in Khmer. As you know in Cambodia there are so many types of poem. For me, I write the poem about ( Be a good son)

( កាកគិតិ )                                




មនុស្សគេចិត្តល្អ                            ទោះបីគេក្រ មិនត្រូវរើសអើង


មនុស្សដូចតែគ្នា                            ពេលខ្លះគេឡើង ពេលខ្លះយើងកើន



បើបានបែបនេះ                            យើងកំសង្គីស ថាវាមានក្ដី


ខ្លះអត់ខ្លះបាន                                កំុអាងតែវៃ ព្រោះគ្មានសេចក្ដី




បើធ្វើមនុស្សល្អ                               បើសិនគ្នានសរ មិនបានជាមេ


គេមិនសរសើរ                                 ហើយមិនបានកេរ បើមិនធ្វើទេ




យើងមានចិត្តមួយ                          មិនត្រូវរំអួយ កំុឱ្យវាឡើយ


ឱ្យវារឹងមាំ                                       ហើយនឺងស្បះស្យើយ វាគ្មានចិត្តឡើយ




ពុកម៉ែជាធំ                                     គាត់មានគុណធ្ញន់ ជាអ្វីទាំងអស់


ធ្វើការរាល់ថ្ញៃ                                   មិនចេះនឿយហត់ គាត់មានអំណត់




ខិតខំប្រឹងរៀន                             បើអ្នកចង់មាន កុំធ្វើដូចភ្លើង


ខំតសូរឡើង                                តែកុំទំនើង           ព្រោះធ្វើឱ្យយើង




បុណ្យគឺមានពិត                       ដូចជាគំនិត យ៉ាងល្អពេកក្រៃ


បើសិនគ្មានបុណ្យ                   ដូចជាសត្វចៃ មិនដូចបក្សី                           




បើចូលអវិជយ័                       ដូចជាសេចក្ដី  ដែលបានធ្លាក់ក្រ


ដំបូងមានខ្លាំង                       ឥឡូវអស់ល្អ អស់ទាំងដំណរ




កាលនៅពីក្មេង                     ខ្ញុំចូលចិត្តលេង   សម្លាប់បក្សី


ឱតែមកផ្ទះ                           កើតទុករាល់ថ្ញៃ មិនដឹងជាអ្វី


This class is kind of my favorite class it calls Technology/Multimedia we learn so many things about it. In my class, there are 14 students and one facilitator. Her name is Cindy for the first time.We learn how to research something on the internet like Primary source and secondary source. After that, we learn how to use Adobe cloud. We learn how to use photoshop, Indesign and Lightroom. After that, the teacher tell us to edit the picture from Photoshop, Indesign and Lightroom and put it in PDF. I think that is so amazing because this is my first time that I using Photoshop, Indesign and Lightroom. This is my project.

Physical Science

Science is also my favorite class. In my class, there are 14 members and one facilitator. His name is Da. In one day each student also has one hour for study Science. In this year mostly we learn about Atom, Electron, Proton, and Neutron. And also we read the article to know more information that article is this article it helps us a lot and it has so many sections to learn and it makes me confident because for what I think it has no mistake and it shows us a clear information.


Math is the class that I like the most in essentials. In one day we have 4 hours for the student to learn math. In my class, there are 10 member and one facilitator her name is Sam. We learn math from the book called Primary Mathematics and now we are on a 5A level, 5A level it is not really hard and it not really easy it is medium. Basically, the book is about fraction, Multiply and Divide Fractions and now we close to Perimeter it talks about Area and Surface Area.   

English Literacy, Round 1

In one day we have one hour to learn English Literacy. There are 15 students in my class and one teacher. Her name is Hannah, This year we basically learn a lot about the word and reading skill and every Monday the teacher will each student a homework packet and all the student need to finish it by next Monday and we also have a Quiz on that day too. And this week we also learn a lot more about reading an article from the Newsela like William Shakespeare. When we read it finish we need to answer a question in the article.