Multimedia round 5

This is a really fun round because I have learned so many things from Photoshop and other software on the Adobe cloud. This round I want to talk about what I’m done in the class. My challenge is that I want to create a music effect on after effect but I can’t do to the end of it because my computer is an error, I try it so many time and it has the same and same problem and it also pretty hard for me. So I try to edit some pictures to be like neon because I heard from Chetra that It is really hard for him, I wanted to challenge myself so I try to do it. First time I thought it is going to be so easy but when I try it I know that it really hard to edit. I try to make that nearly one week and now It didn’t finish for 100% it is very boring for me to do it. My challenge to me while I’m editing this picture. I never use that type style in Photoshop and another one is this is my first experience from what I think this type of edit is a number 1 hardest edit I never see. I appreciate to my friend (Chetra) because while I struggle with my work he helps to explain me and make sure I understand my mistake with my editing picture. I also appreciate my teacher because from the first, second, and this is my third year and I feel like I understand a lot and that because she always keeps on remind me on catch up on work.


Here are a picture that I made



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