Outdoor Leadership


This is the exploration call Outdoor leadership. We have 15 student and 2 teacher in our exploration.I have some picture for you to see what we are doing in our exploration. In the first day of our exploration the teacher ask us about nature. What is NATURE?  


This for my answer: Nature is everything around you, nature is a helper.

This when we are learning how to setup the tent because we know that we gonna have a trip to kirirom, So we need to prepare our stuff.

After going to kirirom the teacher also teach us about CPR. What is CPR?


C : Cardio (heart)

P : Pulmonary (lungs)

R : Resuscitation (recover)

We learn a lot of heart compression and to know if they are breathing.


This is when we arrive to the waterfall in kirirom call Waterfall number 1. When we go there we saw a lot of forest animals.

After going to that waterfall. We also finding a place to stay for one night. This is the image that the teacher teach us how to use a camping stove. But unfortunately our camping stove is not working so we need to find the natural stove. What next

This when we trying to create fire by natural stove. It a little bit hard for us to create the fire with the natural stove. We have divided the people. Some they need to go to find the wood for the fire and some people they help to make a campfire and some people they helping each other to cook the food.

This when we enjoy our marshmallow it was awesome.

After we enjoy our marshmallow. We also sing together and dance around the campfire and This is my memory that I can’t forget. Also this is our last day of our trip. In the morning we gonna go back to Liger.

After arrive Liger for two week we also have another trip. This is our big trip of our exploration that we been to mondulkiri. This is on the way to mondulkiri province.

This image is when we arrive to RDI in mondulkiri province. This when we have dinner with bread.

Cooking tomato.

We divide the tomato with each other to be equal. When the tomato cook we really enjoy our tomato on fire.

In the morning we been hiking to the waterfall for 4 kilometer.

Finally we been to the waterfall. We have one professional photographer that help us take the beautiful picture. We been to four waterfall and in the morning we come back to Liger.