Literacy round 3



Third year coming, SO LAZY but I need to push myself to high level. Hannah have another activity for us. That activity is reading the book we have four book for study to read it is , the outsider, monster, look for alaska and wonder. I read The Outsider this story it is so good for young people because it book is mostly about gangster. It have six character in that story there are ponyboy, darrel, sodapop, Johnny, dallas and keith. My best part is on page 49 chapter 4

It start at 2:00 o’clock at night after ponyboy watch a movie with Johnny. PonyBoy come to his house late and his brother really care about his brother so when Ponyboy come his brother yell to him at that time ponyboy get very serious to his brother until his run out of his home. He also call Johnny to go with him too. But When he walk a little bit there a group of gangster come and want to hurt him but Johnny and ponyboy portent that they didn’t scared but the group of the gangster run and catch ponyboy but the gangster they didn’t want to hurt Johnny. Gangster hold ponyboy head and put in the fountain water UP DOWN UP DOWN and for Johnny when he saw them hurt ponyboy he take his knife from his pocket and kill 2 or 3 person in gang team and some they run away. This is my best part of my story.


Math round 3



This is the third year so the level started to get high. Now we have our new book is primary mathematics (5B). The lesson that we start is call decimals, we learn how to divide decimals, and rounding decimals,divide whole number at the end of lesson we going to have a small quiz. I hope that each student gonna have a good score on there quiz. We also have fun with our classmate and our teacher. Teacher always give us a fun activity nearly every, for HW it is not really hard we have one week to finish our HW and we have a lot of fun.

Steam round  3



For this third year I have study a lot about Carbon. This lesson it is so special for me because I never know what is carbon. Now I know nearly all of it, first thing that it inspire me is I never inside the human body also have carbon. You know how carbon get inside human body?

Let me explain first human didn’t have any carbon in side but because sugar it have a chemical call carbon so if you eat sugar the carbon inside sugar will transform inside your body. This lesson help me a lot in stem class.

Khmer round 3



For this third year teacher sokha told us to research about grammar/part of speech. We have divide the group to make the slide about grammar/part of speech. (grammar/part of speech) link below

Multimedia round 3



Third year the code is getting harder and harder. Now we learn about python while loop. Loop it is gonna perform an action until the condition is false. We also learning about break statement( stops the loop even if the condition is still true )

and continue statement (stops one repetition of the loop and goes onto the next repetition) we also have a HW every week (HW) link below

English round 2  



For this second year I learn a lot of new thing from English Literacy class. Now we learn how to read a new to know secondary source and primary source. What is secondary source? What is primary source?

Ex.Secondary source is the primary source is the work of literature.

Ex.Primary source is a someone who wrote about the work of literature.

We also learn about the history of the Halloween too. I am so excited that I learn about the history of Halloween that I never know before. But what I am sad is that we don’t have any homework packet anymore. I hope that in the third year I want my teacher to add homework packet back because even though I didn’t get the high score but I have understand a lot of work and also I know how to spell it too. I hope that homework packet will come back.

Technology/Multimedia round 2



For this year we have learn so much about Technology/Multimedia. Now mostly we learn about photography basics. She tell us the tip how to use the camera and also how to take a picture that look beautiful. She tell us all of the setting in the camera. First she ask us what is Shutter speed, Aperture, IOS, and, etc. When she finish told us how to take a picture she let us try to take a picture. But what I sad is that I not in Liger because I have a trip to mondulkiri. But it good to hear all of the information from my friend and my teacher Cidy.

Khmer Round 2



For this second years we learn a lot of new thing from Khmer class. We have 17 student in our class and one facilitator. His name is Sokha. We learn a lot how to read the story book. One day teacher Sokha told everyone to read the book call kolab pilin and each student need to pick one character in the book and for me I pick ba lat. Ba lat he is a bad guy that come to mess everyone especially chov chet and kon neri because both of them are a good character in the book. He chov chet father has past away and trying to find a job. Then the doctor come and tell chov chet to work at pilin. And when chov chet go to chol ratanak sambath house. Chov chet alway thing to his lovely girl that is the Chol ratanak sambath daughter. Her name is kon nari and she also love chov chet too. At the end both of them live with each other until they die.

Stem Round 2



This is our second round so all the class gonna be harder and harder. Stem I really love stem but sometime I all so get boarding too. In my class we have one facilitator. His name is Da and 17 student in the class. Now we are working on the periodic table and at this that I get have to know all of the element in the periodic table that I never know before. Teacher Da is also a good explainer he really good at explain and asking question to each student. He is funny and helpful and now let come back to our study. Every student in Liger need to spend one hour to study stem. The first year the lesson is not really hard but this second year the lesson is so hard for me because we learn so many that I don’t know before but I am still catch up the lesson. Also we also have a quiz on friday but not away. But the fun activity is play quizizz and kahoot. When I play kahoot or quizizz. It easy for me to understand the lesson and It so fun. I hope we gonna have this class in the third year.


Mathematics Round 2



In this second round we have learn so much about Math. We have one facilitator. Her name is Sam and 15 student in the class. Everyday each student need to spend one hour to learn math.  Math is one of my favorite class it have me a lot about how to measure the area. And for today we learn about how to find the area in the triangle and more. I have so much much in this class. Everyday Sam have divided us to put into a group to solve the lesson problem and sometime Sam have give us a homework to do on the weekend. Now we are working on review six. This my best part in the class. Sam when she explain to each student mostly they all understand because I think she have a lot experience of doing the teacher before.