English literacy round 5

I am so surprised for this year because the English Literary theme is so interesting and it is Make (The Most Of Your Learning) This year we really focus on reading, Wait !! I think I forget one thing, Yeah! Widal test it is so close. Every year each student need to do a widal test to test what level they in. Let be back to our topic this year mostly the student is working individually In one day you need to schedule yourself to learn something that you want in the class like vocabulary log or reading novels book. Because the challenge for each student this year is to read one novel book and after reading it we need to have a conference with our teacher in the class to summarize what we understand from the story. I feel like this year helping a lots because I understand a lots of word that I never know before and that because the teacher told each student to create a docs to write a word that we don’t understand and then we need to find a meaning of the word and remember it. (Hoo) Another one is we also write an essay about How I change Cambodia too and here are the link to go to my docs:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PBYHHzeqLtI4A3CFm1qYqmQmSuUrcH_3i7vXJ4OFL_I/edit. One more that it is really important to me is I really like my teacher in the class because she really help me in the class even she was really busy on his work and I appreciate that.

Khmer round 5

Omg!! It going really fast I can’t believe it but by the way this year is a really fun year. This year in khmer class we are focus on write in khmer. It is really hard for me sometime because there a lots of word that I never hear before so it hard for me to write. To be easy on that teacher trying to pronoun that word clearly until everyone in the class understand. We also

Divide a group to research on each topic. For my topic is about (How Cambodia losing land)  Here is the link to go to our slide : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/131jKqsda-bk_K9joq5tREvvx00IG5HLI1CYxB6Xgm-s/edit#slide=id.p

When I know a lots about it, I can’t still believe it because It is too easy for them to take our land. I don’t want to be that again so, What I can do is I can just tell you to protect our culture. We also did a very big event in Liger too, and it call (Khmer literature even) We ask the people or different school to join our event. It was very fun, we perform some khmer dance to the audience and they was so happy, We also share some experience to each other. We also have a debate for people to join, if we win the debate they gonna receive the trophy. We also sing a khmer traditional song for three song. It is very fun

English round 2  



For this second year I learn a lot of new thing from English Literacy class. Now we learn how to read a new to know secondary source and primary source. What is secondary source? What is primary source?

Ex.Secondary source is the primary source is the work of literature.

Ex.Primary source is a someone who wrote about the work of literature.

We also learn about the history of the Halloween too. I am so excited that I learn about the history of Halloween that I never know before. But what I am sad is that we don’t have any homework packet anymore. I hope that in the third year I want my teacher to add homework packet back because even though I didn’t get the high score but I have understand a lot of work and also I know how to spell it too. I hope that homework packet will come back.

Khmer Round 2



For this second years we learn a lot of new thing from Khmer class. We have 17 student in our class and one facilitator. His name is Sokha. We learn a lot how to read the story book. One day teacher Sokha told everyone to read the book call kolab pilin and each student need to pick one character in the book and for me I pick ba lat. Ba lat he is a bad guy that come to mess everyone especially chov chet and kon neri because both of them are a good character in the book. He chov chet father has past away and trying to find a job. Then the doctor come and tell chov chet to work at pilin. And when chov chet go to chol ratanak sambath house. Chov chet alway thing to his lovely girl that is the Chol ratanak sambath daughter. Her name is kon nari and she also love chov chet too. At the end both of them live with each other until they die.

Stem Round 2



This is our second round so all the class gonna be harder and harder. Stem I really love stem but sometime I all so get boarding too. In my class we have one facilitator. His name is Da and 17 student in the class. Now we are working on the periodic table and at this that I get have to know all of the element in the periodic table that I never know before. Teacher Da is also a good explainer he really good at explain and asking question to each student. He is funny and helpful and now let come back to our study. Every student in Liger need to spend one hour to study stem. The first year the lesson is not really hard but this second year the lesson is so hard for me because we learn so many that I don’t know before but I am still catch up the lesson. Also we also have a quiz on friday but not away. But the fun activity is play quizizz and kahoot. When I play kahoot or quizizz. It easy for me to understand the lesson and It so fun. I hope we gonna have this class in the third year.