Multimedia round 5

This is a really fun round because I have learned so many things from Photoshop and other software on the Adobe cloud. This round I want to talk about what I’m done in the class. My challenge is that I want to create a music effect on after effect but I can’t do to the end of it because my computer is an error, I try it so many time and it has the same and same problem and it also pretty hard for me. So I try to edit some pictures to be like neon because I heard from Chetra that It is really hard for him, I wanted to challenge myself so I try to do it. First time I thought it is going to be so easy but when I try it I know that it really hard to edit. I try to make that nearly one week and now It didn’t finish for 100% it is very boring for me to do it. My challenge to me while I’m editing this picture. I never use that type style in Photoshop and another one is this is my first experience from what I think this type of edit is a number 1 hardest edit I never see. I appreciate to my friend (Chetra) because while I struggle with my work he helps to explain me and make sure I understand my mistake with my editing picture. I also appreciate my teacher because from the first, second, and this is my third year and I feel like I understand a lot and that because she always keeps on remind me on catch up on work.


Here are a picture that I made



Multimidia round 4

Now round fourth is coming. It gets harder and harder but we also need to try hard too. Ask you know the last term we are learning about python. This term we also learn about python but a different category of python, It is Python Dictionaries this is one of my favorite python categories because of it easy to understand and it not really hard because we have an app call Trinket to help us with Python Dictionaries code. The app helps us to write code, it gives us an instruction to code. Here are an example:  ( To do this teacher need to know clearly about the app to explain to the student. For the app is free you can start to write your code if you click here: (


If you have any question feel free to ask.

Multimedia round 3



Third year the code is getting harder and harder. Now we learn about python while loop. Loop it is gonna perform an action until the condition is false. We also learning about break statement( stops the loop even if the condition is still true )

and continue statement (stops one repetition of the loop and goes onto the next repetition) we also have a HW every week (HW) link below

Technology/Multimedia round 2

For this year we have learn so much about Technology/Multimedia. Now mostly we learn about photography basics. She tell us the tip how to use the camera and also how to take a picture that look beautiful. She tell us all of the setting in the camera. First she ask us what is Shutter speed, Aperture, IOS, and, ect. When she finish told us how to take a picture she let us try to take a picture. But what I sad is that I not in Liger because I have a trip to mondulkiri. But it good to hear all of the information from my friend and my teacher Cidy.



This class is kind of my favorite class it calls Technology/Multimedia we learn so many things about it. In my class, there are 14 students and one facilitator. Her name is Cindy for the first time.We learn how to research something on the internet like Primary source and secondary source. After that, we learn how to use Adobe cloud. We learn how to use photoshop, Indesign and Lightroom. After that, the teacher tell us to edit the picture from Photoshop, Indesign and Lightroom and put it in PDF. I think that is so amazing because this is my first time that I using Photoshop, Indesign and Lightroom. This is my project.