Stem round 1

This is our four year we started to go deeper and deeper in our stem class we are studying about animal cell and plant cell. I never know anything about it before but after I learn it for 2 week I started to understand more about it. Let me tell you what I have understood so far about animal cell and plant cells. What is the difference between an animal cell and a plant cell?  A difference between plant cells and animal cells is that most animal cells are round whereas most plant cells are rectangular. Plant cells have a rigid cell wall that surrounds the cell membrane. Animal cells do not have a cell wall. There are so many organelles in animal cell and plant cell. The most important orgallen in an animal cell is nucleus, cytoplasm, ER, Golgi body, lysosome, nucleolus, mitochondria, cell membrane and for the most important for plant cell is Chromoplasts, Chromoplasts, Leucoplasts. The nucleus is the main function of the cell nucleus is to control gene expression and mediate the replication of DNA during the cell cycle. The cytoplasm is watery that helps the organelle flow around and also it helps the cell to keep in shape. ER is something that lets the nucleus stick to it and then the vesicle going to take the protein to the Golgi body. The Golgi body is a place that helps to change the shape of a protein and it also can add on something to a protein like a carbohydrate and a lipid. The lysosome is like a trash bin that it trying to collect all the trash in the cell and break it down with enzymes.midrochondria is a place that it create energy for every organelle to work well and the energy that it produces is  ATP. The last is cell membrane, cell membrane it can let other elements get into the cell or get out from the cell.


So for Chromoplasts are plastids that contain chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a green pigment. It gives plants their green color. Photosynthesis takes place in chloroplasts. They capture sunlight and use its energy to make glucose. Chromoplasts are plastids that contain other pigments. These other pigments give flowers and fruits their colors. Leucoplasts are plastids that make or store other molecules. For example, some leucoplasts make amino acids. Other leucoplasts store starch or oil.

Stem round 5

In this round five we have learn so many skill. We learn about simple machine, there are 6 simple machine, They are Lever, Wheel, Axle, Inclined plane, Wedge Tools, Pulley, Screw. They really useful for our daily life. I have learn this thing before while I’m in exploration call stem engineering. So it gonna be easy for me because I know what we can use for all 6 of them, We also did a branstom with our group to make something include these simple machines. We brainstorm a really creative idea some of our idea is mostly using incline plane and pulley. We didn’t create it yet but if you have a free time we going to create it. We also learn a lots about motion and I think for motion I think it nearly the same as simple machine too because for simple machine it have 6 simple thing, and for motion it also have some small thing in it too like speed, force and ect. Finally I think this year I saw that I really improve because I feel like after I read some book this year it made me easy to understand so many word. I going to do the same thing for next year.


Stem round 4

For this fourth year stem we also do the experiment every week. I really happy that we have a experiment every week and now we are working on acid and base from what I learn from it I know that acid is something that is sour and base is something that is bitter. Mostly the teacher told us to read the article in the CK12 we learn a lots from ck12 it help us with our stem project here are the link to go to CK12 (


Steam round  3



For this third year I have study a lot about Carbon. This lesson it is so special for me because I never know what is carbon. Now I know nearly all of it, first thing that it inspire me is I never inside the human body also have carbon. You know how carbon get inside human body?

Let me explain first human didn’t have any carbon in side but because sugar it have a chemical call carbon so if you eat sugar the carbon inside sugar will transform inside your body. This lesson help me a lot in stem class.

Physical Science

Science is also my favorite class. In my class, there are 14 members and one facilitator. His name is Da. In one day each student also has one hour for study Science. In this year mostly we learn about Atom, Electron, Proton, and Neutron. And also we read the article to know more information that article is this article it helps us a lot and it has so many sections to learn and it makes me confident because for what I think it has no mistake and it shows us a clear information.