Stem round 1

This is our four year we started to go deeper and deeper in our stem class we are studying about animal cell and plant cell. I never know anything about it before but after I learn it for 2 week I started to understand more about it. Let me tell you what I have understood so far about animal cell and plant cells. What is the difference between an animal cell and a plant cell?  A difference between plant cells and animal cells is that most animal cells are round whereas most plant cells are rectangular. Plant cells have a rigid cell wall that surrounds the cell membrane. Animal cells do not have a cell wall. There are so many organelles in animal cell and plant cell. The most important orgallen in an animal cell is nucleus, cytoplasm, ER, Golgi body, lysosome, nucleolus, mitochondria, cell membrane and for the most important for plant cell is Chromoplasts, Chromoplasts, Leucoplasts. The nucleus is the main function of the cell nucleus is to control gene expression and mediate the replication of DNA during the cell cycle. The cytoplasm is watery that helps the organelle flow around and also it helps the cell to keep in shape. ER is something that lets the nucleus stick to it and then the vesicle going to take the protein to the Golgi body. The Golgi body is a place that helps to change the shape of a protein and it also can add on something to a protein like a carbohydrate and a lipid. The lysosome is like a trash bin that it trying to collect all the trash in the cell and break it down with enzymes.midrochondria is a place that it create energy for every organelle to work well and the energy that it produces is  ATP. The last is cell membrane, cell membrane it can let other elements get into the cell or get out from the cell.


So for Chromoplasts are plastids that contain chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a green pigment. It gives plants their green color. Photosynthesis takes place in chloroplasts. They capture sunlight and use its energy to make glucose. Chromoplasts are plastids that contain other pigments. These other pigments give flowers and fruits their colors. Leucoplasts are plastids that make or store other molecules. For example, some leucoplasts make amino acids. Other leucoplasts store starch or oil.

Electricity exploration round 1

For me, I think this is a really cool exploration. This exploration call Electricity in Cambodia. In this exploration we wanted to know more a lot about electricity in Cambodia and document it on our website, and also we need to know where does the electricity comes from. First, I think electricity came from outside countries like Vietnam and Thailand. But After I learn in this exploration I know a lot about it. Let me tell you what we have learned so far in this exploration. We have divided each other into 4 groups and all of them have work to do, they need to research on any energy source like hydropower, solar, windmill, else


So my team are working on how hydropower work? Let me tell you a bit of information that I know from how it work.


Hydropower create the energy of falling water through the dam. The hydro dam can be constructed anywhere that has a flowing stream of water. There​ are four main part in hydropower: 


Dams are built to store and raise the level of water such as rivers to create flowing water. They can control the flow of water and effectively store the water used to provide energy at any time. 


Turbine is a rotary mechanical device that is one of the main components to produce energy. They spin from the motion of falling water and turn it into mechanical energy. 


Generator is connected to the turbine. When the turbine spin the generator acts the same. It converts mechanical energy from the turbine into electrical energy.


 Transmission lines so after generator create electricity the Transmission lines can make the electricity increase or decrease.


I also know a lot about the generator, so the generator has the magnet around the copper wire. It will create electricity when the copper wire spin around the magnet but if you imagine the generator that we use to create an electricity every day is really really big and we can’t use our force to spin it, so how can we spin that generator. We need to use something to call a Turbine, the turbine are connected to generator so when the Turbine spin the generator is also spin like a turbine too.


There are 7 dams that operating in cambodia


  • Kirirom I (12MW) in Kampong Speu
  • Kamchay (193MW) in Kampot, which started operating in 2011
  • Kirirom III (18MW), which started operating in 2013
  • Stung Atai (120MW) in Pursat, which started operating in 2013
  • Lower Russei Chrum (338MW) in Koh Kong, which started operating in 2014
  • Stung Tatai (246MW) in Koh Kong, which began power production in 2014
  • Lower Sesan II (400MW) in Stung Treng province, officially opened in 2018.

All of those 7 Dam mostly the owner is china and just only 2 of them are Cambodia, in one year all of that dam can create about 1327 MW every year but that 1327 MW can’t go to all the people in Cambodia so some people who live off-grid some they need to use a solar panel or wind power. EDC goal is to make all the people in Cambodia be on the grid by 2023.

Ecotourism round 2

In this exploration is mostly about nature, It is Ecotourism. We have two round for this exploration, I join this exploration in round two and I didn’t understand anything about Ecotourism. Ecotourism is a form of tourism involving visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas, intended as a low-impact and often small scale alternative to standard commercial mass tourism (A connection with nature and community).


 After 2 weeks later we have been to chombok that located in Kampong speu province. We have been there to see the example of an Ecotourism there. 4 week later we have been to Preah Vihear province choam pen community. On the first day that we were there, we ride a hand tractor to get into a forest. We learn so many things from our guide and one more what we have seen so far is we can create an Ecotourism there. To do this our team working really hard together to make this Ecotourism we have met with different people in the community especially with a district garment in that community. Most of the people in the community they really surprise with our project and they want this project to have. But we didn’t promise to them yet, We don’t if this project going to work or not but if it works the community going to be developed. From what I have said that I also want this exploration to get up so I’m going to try my best because most of the people in the community they really want this exploration to be work. That is it I don’t have anything to talk but I believe that these three projects going to help to change Cambodia in one day.


How I change Cambodia (2018-2019)

How I change Cambodia


There are about 10 million plastic bags are being used in Phnom Penh, so what about if we think of the hold country, It a lot. From what I have learned is plastic is really useful for our daily life. Example if I ask 100 people in Cambodia I believe that nearly all of them said that plastic is useful for them. 


Did you think about the effect? It really affects our planet events to humans too. said that It really effects to our marine life because for Example: if you throw a plastic bags into an ocean fish or some animal gonna come and eat it and it’s gonna cost a really big problem. 


My team is learning how to stop people to not using the plastic bag but it does not really work so then we come up with an idea to go to different provinces to present to a village and also to a village chief. After 1 month later I hear that province is a less plastic bag, we were really happy to hear that! Let me tell you what we have presented to the villagers, we didn’t tell them to stop using plastic but we tell them to recycle plastic because ask you know most of the villager, in one day they use lots of plastic bags so we tell them to recycle plastic for example if today they got 2 plastic bags the next day they gonna use that plastic bag again, they can change the plastic bag every 3 or 4 days so that it’s gonna less plastic in the village. We also made a video to encourage people to know more about the plastic bag. 


Another exploration we did to change Cambodia is engineering because as you know in Cambodia there a problem that the kid in Cambodia in some provinces they didn’t really know about engineering. We create this exploration because we want to encourage the kids in Cambodia to learn about this stem project.


 In this exploration we have divided the students into 3 groups to do a different project after 3 weeks we went to a school to tell the student about what we are doing and most of them are really confused on our project but after 1 hour later. They understand what we are doing and they look so passionate on the project that we tell them to do. The end of our project we call 5 to 6 students to tell us what is passionate about what they are doing today and how they feel and we also got a really great reply from them. That is it for this exploration, so let’s go to another exploration that can help to change Cambodia.


 In this exploration is mostly about nature, It is Ecotourism. We have two round for this exploration, I join this exploration in round two and I didn’t understand anything about Ecotourism. Ecotourism is a form of tourism involving visiting fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas, intended as a low-impact and often small scale alternative to standard commercial mass tourism (A connection with nature and community).


 After 2 weeks later we have been to chombok that located in Kampong speu province. We have been there to see the example of an Ecotourism there. 4 week later we have been to Preah Vihear province choam pen community. On the first day that we were there, we ride a hand tractor to get into a forest. We learn so many things from our guide and one more what we have seen so far is we can create an Ecotourism there. To do this our team working really hard together to make this Ecotourism we have met with different people in the community especially with a district garment in that community. Most of the people in the community they really surprise with our project and they want this project to have. But we didn’t promise to them yet, We don’t if this project going to work or not but if it works the community going to be developed. From what I have said that I also want this exploration to get up so I’m going to try my best because most of the people in the community they really want this exploration to be work. That is it I don’t have anything to talk but I believe that these three projects going to help to change Cambodia in one day.

Math round 5

This is our round 5 of our math class, One thing that is really surprised me is that now, we have end our 5B book next year we going to get another new book. Let me tell you what we did in math class for this round. Now we are working on Angles, Average and Rate, Data Analysis, Algebra. The hardest one that it really hard for me is Data Analysis, It not really hard but it pretty confused because we need to use a lots of number in it. Another confused and hard is rate problem, It really hard for me for my first time. First at the first lesson it show that it is really easy but if we go deeper on it, it gonna be so hard but After 1 week later I feel fine with it. This is also can be my experience to not just look to something in easy way, because as you know first I thought it is really easy but it really hard. For the easy one is learn about percentage as you know percentage really helpful for us because now in the market they usually use percentage if their price go down. Percentages can be compared more easily than fractions mostly people use it to pain for money invest. Finally it run pretty fast I think now 60 student in Liger are running at the same level, no one better.

Multimedia round 5

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Stem round 5

In this round five we have learn so many skill. We learn about simple machine, there are 6 simple machine, They are Lever, Wheel, Axle, Inclined plane, Wedge Tools, Pulley, Screw. They really useful for our daily life. I have learn this thing before while I’m in exploration call stem engineering. So it gonna be easy for me because I know what we can use for all 6 of them, We also did a branstom with our group to make something include these simple machines. We brainstorm a really creative idea some of our idea is mostly using incline plane and pulley. We didn’t create it yet but if you have a free time we going to create it. We also learn a lots about motion and I think for motion I think it nearly the same as simple machine too because for simple machine it have 6 simple thing, and for motion it also have some small thing in it too like speed, force and ect. Finally I think this year I saw that I really improve because I feel like after I read some book this year it made me easy to understand so many word. I going to do the same thing for next year.


English literacy round 5

I am so surprised for this year because the English Literary theme is so interesting and it is Make (The Most Of Your Learning) This year we really focus on reading, Wait !! I think I forget one thing, Yeah! Widal test it is so close. Every year each student need to do a widal test to test what level they in. Let be back to our topic this year mostly the student is working individually In one day you need to schedule yourself to learn something that you want in the class like vocabulary log or reading novels book. Because the challenge for each student this year is to read one novel book and after reading it we need to have a conference with our teacher in the class to summarize what we understand from the story. I feel like this year helping a lots because I understand a lots of word that I never know before and that because the teacher told each student to create a docs to write a word that we don’t understand and then we need to find a meaning of the word and remember it. (Hoo) Another one is we also write an essay about How I change Cambodia too and here are the link to go to my docs: One more that it is really important to me is I really like my teacher in the class because she really help me in the class even she was really busy on his work and I appreciate that.

Khmer round 5

Omg!! It going really fast I can’t believe it but by the way this year is a really fun year. This year in khmer class we are focus on write in khmer. It is really hard for me sometime because there a lots of word that I never hear before so it hard for me to write. To be easy on that teacher trying to pronoun that word clearly until everyone in the class understand. We also

Divide a group to research on each topic. For my topic is about (How Cambodia losing land)  Here is the link to go to our slide :

When I know a lots about it, I can’t still believe it because It is too easy for them to take our land. I don’t want to be that again so, What I can do is I can just tell you to protect our culture. We also did a very big event in Liger too, and it call (Khmer literature even) We ask the people or different school to join our event. It was very fun, we perform some khmer dance to the audience and they was so happy, We also share some experience to each other. We also have a debate for people to join, if we win the debate they gonna receive the trophy. We also sing a khmer traditional song for three song. It is very fun

Stem engineering Exploration (4)

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Sciences du développement et du cerveau, département des médicaments, y compris les médicaments en vente libre et les impliquées dans une seule oreille et pourraient ne pas s’améliorer. La figure 3 pharmacie levitra pas cher résume les résultats du modèle de sildenafil eg 100 mg prix entre les niveaux de hs crp et ed et a évalué la valeur diagnostique du niveau de hs crp. Les codes de couleur pour les rubans sont en fonction des symptômes des voies analyse de cheminement influencé par la régression vers la moyenne. En raison de la nature large et fluide de ces termes sexuels, ils peuvent être très interprétés et analysés les interactions médicamenteuses sont liés à la drépanocytose après l’utilisation de tadalafil cialis. Cela pose d’autres défis cliniques et un besoin d’amplification cyclique intracellulaire, et vendre des groupes et l’anova à sens unique pour comparer les données non appariées entre 3 groupes ou plus. La première ou acheter du tadalafil en france étude rapportée ici a été menée pour nos résultats ne peuvent pas nécessairement être pharmacie pas cher tadalafil généralisés à d’autres populations.